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ADEPT - A person who is skilled in occult wisdom and/or magical powers, as a result of the study of various mystical techniques.

ALTAR - a table or flat surface used to hold the symbols and tools during the performance of religious and magickal rituals.

AROMATHERAPY - the use of various flower, herb, oil and incense fragrances and smells.

ASTROLOGY - the belief that the relative positions of planets, planetoids and stars, can influence events and behavior surrounding us.

ATHAME - a knife, sword or dagger.

BELL -an altar tool, symbol of the Goddess and rung during ritual to invoke Her. Also rung to ward off negative or evil and to evoke good energies.

BESOM - also called a broom.

BOLINE - a white handled knife, single edged, and used in ritual purposes of cutting herbs, or engraving candles; the blade may be a miniature scythe, a curved bladed tool or a sickle.

BOOK OF SHADOWS - a compendium of Pagan/Wiccan/ Witch rituals, spells, training techniques, procedures, guidelines, and other materials important to a Witch and/or coven.

CAULDRON - an iron, fire proof pot or kettle.

CHAKRA - the energy centers of the body, where body and Spirit most strongly connect.

CHALICE - a ceremonial cup or goblet.

COVEN - an organized group of Wiccans, Witches or Pagans. It normally consists of 3 to 13 people, altho there may be more.

DEDICATION - a solemn promise or vow.

DIVINATION - the method by which you try to find out about the past, present or future. There are hundreds of methods of divination, from the common to the curious to the bizarre.

DEOSIL - clockwise movement.

ECLECTIC - a mixture of beliefs borrowed from various Traditions and Theologies.

ELEMENTS - Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

FAMILIAR - an animal that a that we have a spiritual bond with. This can be a real animal such as the family pet, or a mythological or made-up creature.

GLYPH - an astrological symbol used to represent a sign of the Zodiac, a planet, aspect or asteroid.

GROUNDING - clearing and releasing excess energy to focus back into the physical here and now, after magical or psychic work.

LAW OF THREE - what you do -good or bad, comes back to you three times over or for as long as it takes for you to learn the lesson.

LIBATION - a drink offering made to a Deity or Spirit. The most basic example is the pouring of a small amount of liquid directly on the Earth.

PANTHEON - a grouping of Deities associated with a particular time or culture.

PATRON DEITY - a particular Goddess or God that one feels most at drawn to; some people have more than one Patron Deity, but usually one will predominate; a Patron Deity is prayed to for guidance, visions, blessing, etc.

PENTAGRAM - a five-pointed star in a circle and represents the Element of Earth, and the Goddess as Union of All Things.

POLYTHEISM - the belief in more than one Deity.

QUARTERS - North, South, East and West.

REINCARNATION - the basic belief that people live more than one life. You live, you die, your essence or soul lives on and is born again in another body in the next life.

TOOLS - the Athame, the Wand, the Chalice, and the Pentacle.

TRIPLE GODDESS - the 3 aspects of the Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone.

VISUALIZATION - the art of concentrating or imagining something very strongly, usually as a visual image.

WHEEL OF THE YEAR - the yearly cycle of the Seasons, and to the sacred Festivals or Rituals which celebrate them.

WIDDERSHINS - Counter-clockwise movement.

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